This is a guest post from Teresa Martin. Complaints from patients across the state prompted an advisory from the Illinois Department of Financial Professional Regulation for dispensary operations across the state on Friday. The complaint was directed at possible shortages of patients’ normal medical purchases, due to recreational sales. New mandates from regulators state that a dispensary must leave a window open solely for medical sales. Dispensaries must not hold products back for recreational sales. Medical patients must be able to purchase 2.5 times the amount set by a dispensary, for any recreational sales. Cannabis supply for medical patients has eased somewhat, since the first of the year, in the Champaign – Urbana area of Illinois, as of this writing on February 7, 2020.

New varieties of medical cannabis will be sold to the Netherlands Government which could see more patients buying their medicine in pharmacies rather than coffee shops. The new varieties of cannabis will be sold to the government by two producers for €2.35 per gramme instead of the current price of €5.80 per gramme. This will bring the selling price of medicinal cannabis at the pharmacy well below the price of the current recreational price in the coffee shop.

Illinois officials are allowing medical marijuana businesses to stay open later amid complaints that users have been at a disadvantage since a new state law allowing recreational sales took effect this year. The department also reminded retailers to prioritize medical cannabis patients during product shortages in a separate statement released last week.

Stymied by the governor last year, New Hampshire lawmakers are trying once again to pass a bill permitting patients or caregivers to grow their own marijuana for medical purposes. The legislation passed in the New Hampshire state senate this week, and will now head to the state House for a vote.

In 2018, voters in Missouri made it clear that they wanted access to medical marijuana. But, a year and a half later, they don’t quite have their program up and running yet. Following the timeline provided, the state moved forward with issuing medical marijuana identification cards for registered patients – but the state’s 192 dispensaries that have been approved are still months away from opening. This has left nearly 30,000 patients without a way to access their medicine legally – but that won’t stand in the way of their right to possess it.

If used appropriately, marijuana can be used to help manage symptoms of pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. Although many are embarrassed to talk about them, anyone can develop hemorrhoids, which are swollen and clotted blood vessels in and around the anus. Technically, these are called external hemorrhoids (even though they can be a bit “internal”). True internal hemorrhoids are another beast entirely and not part of our discussion here.

Cannabis is disrupting the way we look at medicines – but more people need to be educated about cannabis before it becomes commonly accepted as a medicine. Patient access to medical cannabis prescriptions in the UK is not easy to obtain. Only a handful of patients are currently receiving cannabis through private prescriptions, and very few clinicians are actually able to contextualise the use of medical cannabis or CBD for their patients.

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