“With my injuries getting so stacked against me for a while, cannabis became quite a part of my daily regimen"

According to nationwide polling data compiled by the Pew Research Center, nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of “Boomers” (those born in the United States between the years 1946 and 1964) now say that marijuana ought to be legal for adults. That percentage is up significantly from a decade ago, when fewer than one-in-three seniors endorsed its legalization.

The word on the street is that cannabidiol (CBD) is the most medicinal part of the cannabis plant. The non-intoxicating compound of marijuana has gained rock star status ever since Dr. Sanjay Gupta showed the world in his documentary Weed 2 that it has the power to control seizures in epilepsy patients.

The state of Colorado released its marijuana tax revenues for July which implies total monthly sales of $206.7M (+ 7% MoM; 20% YoY) with medical marijuana revenues at $42.4M (+4% MoM; 42% YoY) and recreational use ~$164.2M (+8% MoM; 16%YoY). We estimate that the average cardholder spend in the month ticked up to ~$510 from ~$490 in June ($338 July ’19). The number of cardholders at month end remained flat from June at ~83K but up from ~80K since the pandemic hit. (NOTE: Not every registered cardholder will make purchases in any given month, in fact some states have revealed active patients at ~70-75% thus the estimated average cardholder spend per month could be understated given that the denominator in our calculation is likely lower.)

A senior’s body isn’t as strong as it once was, which can make exercise painful. CBD topicals can help them get past some of these barriers.

If reform advocates want to address the historical wrongs of the war on drugs, they have to figure out how to tackle the cultural promotion of marijuana use which goes hand in hand with the political promotion of decriminalization

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – The chemical in marijuana that makes people high may be effective in treating a potentially lethal coronavirus (COVID-19) complication, researchers at the University of South Carolina recently announced.

The last two decades have brought bi-racial athletes, politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, and more to the forefront. On August 19th we nominated Senator Kamala Harris, the first Vice President of Jamaican and Indian heritage. There is an excitement in the air, young women see themselves in Kamala Harris and think "If she can, I can". Which brings us to our interview with Socrates Rosenfeld, his father is a Greek Cypriot, his adopted stepfather is Jewish American and his mother grew up in Indonesia, of Egyptian and Sumatran roots.

As marijuana legalization efforts grab headlines in more populated states, Louisiana has quietly revised its medical marijuana regulations in a way that should open fresh opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs.

Indonesia made a splash when a decree from earlier this year declaring cannabis a “medical plant” in the eyes of the government officially got on the public’s radar. Now, the Agricultural Ministry in Indonesia is revising this decree, as cannabis is still illegal in Indonesia with no legalization in sight.

Avail Cannabis is looking to launch an observational study about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and wants Canadian military veterans to be the focus. The company plans to apply for ethics approval of the study aimed at identifying “the optimal cannabinoid profile and therapeutic dose of medical cannabis oil” for military veterans with PTSD, according to Ontario-based Avail Cannabis.

Florida’s fast-growing, three-quarters-of-a-billion-dollar medical cannabis market is about to experience another surge in sales – this time from edibles. The state health department has issued long-awaited edible production rules, and medical cannabis operators already are champing at the bit.

Four years after medical cannabis was legalized, Florida patients can now enjoy their meds in an edible form.It’s been four years since Florida voters signed off on a law legalizing medical marijuana, but cannabis patients in the Sunshine State have been unable to receive treatment in the form of edibles—until now.

Two-year experiment will study drug's effect on cortisone levels within the herd .They say elephants never forget, but workers at a zoo in Poland are hoping CBD can at least ease the pain a young female is dealing with after a death in her family.

The new regulations exclude for the first time CBD-based products from the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance from 1973.

As research continues on the benefits of CBD oil, more people are starting to realize there’s more good than bad in it. Here’s how the benefits and drawbacks shake out.

For those struggling with chronic pain, medical cannabis is often touted as a safer alternative to prescription pain medications. Here are 5 ways marijuana can help ease the suffering.

Getting medical marijuana has never been easier in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Telemedicine, online ordering, and home delivery — innovations spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic — have streamlined the process and encouraged more people than ever to explore whether cannabis might be a good health choice for them.

Finally, the feds are looking more seriously into product safety and quality for cannabis and CBD products, but it’s not the FTC taking the reins.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Medical marijuana sales have dramatically increased in Southeastern Pennsylvania since the outbreak of the coronavirus. "I am a cancer patient. I have neuropathy in my hands and feet and horrible insomnia," said Anna Squitieri of South Philadelphia.