Regulators in the United Kingdom have rescheduled the cannabidiol drug Epidyolex as a Schedule 5 drug, moving the medicine approved to treat severe forms of epilepsy from the much more restrictive Schedule 2 classification. GW Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of the medication, announced on Tuesday that the move by the Home Office would take effect in all four constituent nations of the U.K. immediately, with Northern Ireland enacting separate legislation.

Dr. Lester Grinspoon, one of the most vocal champions of marijuana legalization in the United States who promoted his advocacy in both best-selling books and Congressional testimony, died on Thursday. He was 92. A native of Massachusetts, Grinspoon studied at Harvard Medical School, and later joined the faculty there as a professor. His interest in cannabis began in the 1960s, when he said its use in the U.S. “increased explosively.”

The Swiss government wants to empower doctors to prescribe cannabis for medical purposes without authorisation. On Wednesday, the Federal Council submitted a revised version of the narcotics law to parliament for deliberation. Cannabis, whether for recreational or medical purposes, has been banned in Switzerland since 1951. However, doctors may prescribe a medicine based on this substance if they get an exceptional green light from the Federal Office of Public Health.

The rise in cannabis and its various correlated products are bringing about attitudinal perceptions and changes. The new mindset is in how we think about traditional antibiotics, and how we create responsive treatments of gut health. There is increasing anecdotal evidence of the efficacy of cannabis in treating various gastrointestinal conditions.

Australia’s Export Control Amendment (Certificate of Narcotics Exports) Bill 2020 is to improve access to global markets for the nation’s medicinal cannabis and hemp industries. In 2018, Australia’s Federal Government decided to permit the export of medical cannabis products. But according to Freshleaf Analytics, the lack of phytosanitary certification hampered progress.

Luc Springinsfeld of leading investment bank Bryan, Garnier & Co explores the European medical cannabis market and the rise of medical cannabis investment in Europe. Since the beginning of 2019, there have been a dozen mergers and acquisitions or private placement deals with values above €5m involving companies focused on medical cannabis in Europe. In total, north of €100m of new money has been invested in medical cannabis-focused companies across Europe over the past 18 months. While this represents a sharp increase compared with the period before 2019, we are still far from the levels experienced in North America, where more than $3bn was invested in the medical cannabis market through more than 450 deals in 2019.

Martha Stewart, the 78-year-old entrepreneur who built a wildly successful media empire and lifestyle brand, turned her attention last year to cannabis. Stewart is now working with Canadian company Canopy Growth to develop a line of CBD products for pets.

Fresh research is out that suggests oil extract derived from hemp may bolster your levels of the so-called “good cholesterol.”

In the last decade, we’ve learned a lot about how cannabis affects digestion. Thanks to the numerous studies that have been done over the years, we’ve gotten valuable insight on how this ultra-beneficial plant can be used to treat a range of diseases and conditions. Although a lot of anecdotal evidence and multiple studies exist on the topic, we’ve still only scratched the surface of unlocking its full potential.

A new study has found that medical marijuana reduces the use of prescription drugs in nursing homes. The study is titled Will medical cannabis treatment reduce pharmaceutical residues in the aquatic environment? A case study from an elderly nursing home, and was published in the journal Advances in Health and Behavior.

Cannabis has been pinned as a treatment option for many different disorders lately, many of them seeming completely unrelated. Everything from physical pain to mental disorders and even cancer are said to respond to cannabinoid treatments, but how exactly is that possible?

Father time is very cruel. As people age, their body deteriorates and all kinds of aches, pains, and conditions set in. It’s something no one can avoid. As someone starts to experience age-related health issues, their doctors typically ramp up prescriptions for pharmaceutical drugs.

Research adds to a growing body of evidence suggesting cannabis use during pregnancy could be harmful

According to science, cannabis can be an alternative solution to trichotillomania, a hair-pulling disorder that affects more than 200,000 Americans annually.

CBD offers benefits for many different conditions through a wide variety of chemical mechanisms, but for people suffering from gout, only two of them are important. The first one is inflammation, and the second is pain. Crystallization of excess uric acid causes inflammation of the joints and tendons of gout sufferers, which consequently results in the sensation of pain. To begin, let’s focus on the evidence showing the merits of CBD for inflammation.

One medical research team in Israel believes they have a small piece to the coronavirus puzzle. In an exclusive interview with The Fresh Toast, Dr. Igal Louria-Hayon, head of the Medical Cannabis Research and Innovation Center at the Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa, Israel, says the healing properties in cannabis may be able to help the body fight against COVID-19.

Cramps can range from mildly uncomfortable to downright debilitating, making it impossible for people to complete their daily responsibilities.

Medical marijuana is legal for many Americans, but not all. Read on for why we believe medical marijuana in the United States should be legal for everyone. Just imagine, you are an American living in northern Idaho dealing with constant anxiety attacks. You have tried almost everything and nothing seems to help. Sure, there are prescription medicines you could take, but you would rather something natural. After doing some research, you discover the healing benefits of medical marijuana. But, despite the legalization in all surrounding states, marijuana is illegal where you live. This doesn’t seem right, does it? The benefits of marijuana should be available for all Americans across the country, not just specific states.

Researchers studying two altars from an ancient shrine in Israel have discovered that cannabis was used in religious rituals at the site. The discovery is the earliest evidence of cannabis use in the Ancient Near East, according to authors of a study published Thursday in the archaeological journal Tel Aviv.

Research suggests that over half of the United States will be obese within ten years. Worse still, one in four Americans will be “severely obese” within that timeframe. More obesity and poor dietary decisions are resulting in an explosion of type 2 diabetes. New research points to cannabis as a potential treatment option for the debilitating disease.