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Often triggered by stress, new studies are showing that psoriasis can be better managed by diet, oral health, and even cannabidiol.

Any fool can know. The point is to understand. – Albert Einstein There’s a vast difference between knowing and understanding In today’s world, due to the accessibility of information and the ways they’re being shared, one could easily conclude that we know more now than we ever did before.

In some studies, THC appears to ease inflammation inside and outside the body, therefore decreasing the threat of acne.

Researchers studying diabetes, metabolism and obesity have become increasingly interested in how cannabis may be an effective therapy for human systems out of balance.

After several delays, Brazil finally has regulations for launching medical marijuana sales this week. Brazil’s national health surveillance agency, the Anvisa (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária), approved regulations for launching medical marijuana sales in the country, with the new rules set to take effect within the next 90 days.

Marijuana legalization seems to be making strides across the globe, but there are still plenty of pockets where the idea faces fierce resistance, namely in Asia. Recreational cannabis has been legal in Uruguay since 2013—the first full legalization of the modern era—and in Canada since 2018. In the U.S., recreational pot is legal in the District of Columbia and 11 states, starting in 2012 with Colorado and Washington and most recently with Michigan this week. Medical marijuana is legal in several more U.S. states and many more countries.

While marijuana is no longer bound by total prohibition, police are still finding ways to drag people to jail for using this stuff. And sometimes, these legal troubles are brought on by a person’s own admission.

Minnesota is expanding the state’s medical marijuana program to include chronic pain and age-related macular degeneration as conditions that can qualify for treatment, state health officials said Monday. The state Department of Health also said it would allow more sites where patients can access medical cannabis. The changes take effect in August, Minnesota Public Radio News reported.

Will the Polish medical cannabis market set itself ahead of the game in Europe as the medical cannabis industry evolves? The Polish medical cannabis market is becoming more and more open. Does this mean that Poland, step by step will move towards further changes in legal regulations and in the future will become a leader in the medical cannabis market?

Canadian cannabis giant Aurora Cannabis has scored one of the first approvals for a medical cannabis product in the Republic of Ireland, the company announced this week.

New data from a California laboratory show that THC vape cartridges may carry a substantial risk of exposing users to harmful chemicals. And while the test results from analytic laboratory CannaSafe show that illicit market products pose the most danger, even carts from licensed companies may be unsafe if used improperly.

Nearly one year since the first legal, adult-use cannabis sale was made, there are now 33 retail stores open around Massachusetts. So far, state regulators have issued 227 provisional and final licenses to retail, cultivation, cannabis manufacturing facilities and independent testing laboratories. Before — and even after — licenses are issued, those facilities must be inspected by the state. 'Keeps Everyone On Their Toes' On a Tuesday morning in October, two CCC inspectors pull up to the Sira Naturals Cultivation and Manufacturing facility in a pair of gray, unmarked crossover SUVs. The only giveaway? The vehicles have official state license plates.

The cannabis and hemp CBD industry is cementing roots across the globe. As the industry grows so does the demand for standardisation across products in order to limit impurities and harm to end users. This issue of standardisation is recognised by Randal Raney of Clean Crop Solutions – who wants to ensure cannabis crops are safe for human consumption.

A study conducted by the American Heart Association shows that cannabis users actually had a lower risk of atrial fibrillation. And the good news doesn’t stop there. As any cannabis enthusiast will tell you, all experiences with marijuana are not the same. While people use it for its pleasant effects and therapeutic benefits, the experience isn’t fail safe.

We’ve reached that time of year when washing hands and avoiding errant sneezing particles is essential. Cases of the common cold usually begin in August, but no one wants to sick in the stretch between Thanksgiving and New Year’s when parties are abundant and work becomes less so.

Whimsical edibles will likely temper the clinical respect for medical cannabis, which needs a medical home in the system. Let pharmacists dispense it.

Discover how GreenLight Pharmaceuticals Ltd is aiming to advance clinical research, access and education regarding medical cannabis in Europe. Established in 2014, GreenLight Pharmaceuticals Ltd is an Irish biopharmaceutical company focused on developing safe and effective plant-based medicines. GreenLight specialises in phytocannabinoid research and clinical development. The company is based in Dublin but has recently created a UK based subsidiary and has plans to expand its world of medical cannabis in Europe.

Nov. 26, 2019 -- A warning about possibly contaminated and moldy recreational and medical marijuana has been issued by Colorado officials. The affected marijuana was mistakenly distributed due to a technical error, according to Colorado Department of Revenue news release. It said the error has been corrected, CNN reported. The error occurred between Oct. 21 and Nov. 13, 2019 and the affected marijuana was sold between Oct. 21 and Nov. 14, 2019.

A veteran support group from New England is promoting marijuana cultivation as a means of helping people struggling with life after having served in the armed forces. The New England Veterans Alliance Inc (NEVA) says its goal is to assist people with a military background gain insight into “more natural options” for treating PTSD and other conditions that often affect veterans as a result of their service.

Managing Director of Cannabis Doctors Australia (CDA), Dr Matua Jansen, explains how CDA is leading the charge towards providing simple and affordable access to medical cannabis. For Dr Matua Jansen, the journey towards becoming a medical cannabis advocate started after his move to Australia from New Zealand to work in Oncology. “ I witnessed first-hand the side effects chemotherapy, and the over-use of prescription opioids were having on my patients, but it wasn’t until I had a patient who one day refused chemotherapy, and asked me about medicinal cannabis treatment that I started to really look at it as a viable option.