How To Use CBD To Fight Common Cold And Flu Symptoms

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PUBLISHED : 3 Dec  2019 - 09:38

While CBD is no penicillin, it can be used as a supplement in fighting flu and cold symptoms. 

We’ve reached that time of year when washing hands and avoiding errant sneezing particles is essential. Cases of the common cold usually begin in August, but no one wants to sick in the stretch between Thanksgiving and New Year’s when parties are abundant and work becomes less so.

Potentially missing out on this relaxing time of year because you’re sick in bed with the cold is a nightmare. CBD companies, however, promise their products can alleviate many of the symptoms associated with the common cold. Before we get to that, an important caveat: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still has not issued regulations around CBD products, and peer-reviewed research studies aren’t plentiful due to restrictions placed on scientists worked with cannabis.

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While CBD is no penicillin, some doctors now the cannabinoid can be used to combat cold symptoms as a supplement. Mary Clifton, an internal medicine doctor and cannabis expert based in New York, told that CBD could help reduce body aches and fever. That’s because of interleukins, a glycoprotein responsible for immune system regulation. CBD can impact your body’s production of interleukins, therefore bolstering the immune system.

“If you’re doing cold and flu [treatment], if you’re doing heavy exertion at the gym, you can put CBD in that situation and it’ll just be next to your Advil,” said Clifton.

CBD, a known anti-inflammatory, can lower inflammation and irritation caused by a sore throat. In a similar manner, CBD can open nasal and sinus passageways, helping those with a stuffy nose breathe easier. The best tactic, however, is to combine CBD use with another superfood like turmeric to boost anti-inflammatory effects.

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By the way, this idea of CBD being a cure to cold and flu symptoms isn’t necessarily new. Robert Melamede, who previously served as the chair of the biology department at the University of Colorado Boulder, claimed 10 years ago that scientists should focus on treating cold and flu symptoms with cannabis.

“Contemporary antiviral medical technology is currently inadequate to meet the world’s immediate challenges,” Melamede said. “We believe that cannabis extract-based medicines can reduce influenza deaths.”

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