Lighting Up For Better Skin: Can Marijuana Help Acne?

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PUBLISHED : 10 Dec  2019 - 10:50

In some studies, THC appears to ease inflammation inside and outside the body, therefore decreasing the threat of acne.  While it is true that the cannabinoids in cannabis can have some effect on the skin and can treat itching and even skin diseases like psoriasis, marijuana’s impact on the skin adds a level of complexity to the debate. 

We know that marijuana increases testosterone, which may cause acne, at least in some individuals. 

Just as higher estrogen can stave-off a breakout, testosterone seems to fuel additional production in the glands. A 2017 study, published in Andrology, found increased testosterone among more recent marijuana users. However, long-cited for its anti-inflammatory effects, THC appears in some studies to ease inflammation inside and outside the body, therefore decreasing the threat of acne. Just like some medicines work for one individual and not another, marijuana may act the same way. 

What about CBD? 

Dr. Leslie Bauman believes that CBD has effects that can help reduce redness caused by acne but also decrease oil as well. She wrote in the Miami Herald, “One study found that a 3% cannabis seed extract cream effectively reduced both redness and sebum production in acne patients.” 

In fact, researchers have been studying CBD for a while. Bauman referenced a 2018 paper that acknowledged CBD’s skin-altering qualities, including helping to ease inflammation. From face masks to bath bombs and beyond, businesses are recognizing the CBD craze isn’t ending any time soon and are capitalizing on the Gen Z trend of wearing less makeup and focusing on skin health instead. 

What should an average skincare fanatic know? It’s all about the ingredients. For those looking into hemp/CBD, it’s essential to ensure the bottle contains what it says it does. With CBD and hemp production being a relatively new craze, companies may take advantage of the buyer. For instance, while most products tout the benefit of full-spectrum CBD, many skincare remedies have “hempseed oil,” which can hydrate and soothe skin, but lacks the cannabinoids of CBD.

To understand what’s in your bottle, look at the ingredients, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The health of your skin depends on it!