Everything You Need to Know About CBD Patches for Pain

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PUBLISHED : 22 JAN  2020 - 14:46

CBD patches for pain are an excellent, non-addictive option for those who need relief. Learn how they work, who should consider them, and more here. In the 1st century, Romans boiled the roots of the cannabis plant and applied it on their skin for a variety of health concerns.

Today, we are doing the same thing but in a more technologically advanced way. With advanced extractions processes, we now have CBD patches for pain and other health problems.

Keep reading to learn how they work, the benefits, and who might be interested in this method of taking CBD.

What Is CBD?

First, we have to start off with some basics to get a full understanding of how the patches work. CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

There are three main variations of cannabis: Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa, and Cannabis sativa L. The first two contain larger amounts of the cannabinoid THC, which has psychoactive effects.

Cannabis sativa L. has much less (sometimes none) and is high in CBD. So, most CBD companies look towards this species, often called hemp, for extractions.

CBD is extracted using carbon dioxide (CO2) or solvents such as ethanol. This isolates the CBD, which can then be used in a variety of consumables.

The reason CBD works with our bodies is that we have a system that uses similar molecules. It’s called the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

This system keeps our bodies functioning normally, as it regulates various areas such as appetite, memory, mood, sleep, and pain.

So, when we take CBD, it’s like adding a piece to our already existing puzzle.

What Are CBD Patches?

Aside from smoking or eating CBD, you can take CBD by applying a sticky type of bandage that contains the molecules.

We’re familiar with this process, called transdermal application, as we use it for things like nicotine and birth control already.

The idea with this type of administration is that our skin is porous, allowing certain things to absorb through the skin cells and down into our veins and arteries.

Added technology is needed to make sure the CBD makes it through the skin layers and into your bloodstream. This means that the patches must have something like micro needles or a mix of lipids (fats) to penetrate the skin.

Benefits of Transdermal Application

When you apply something to your skin instead of ingesting it, it avoids going through your respiratory and digestive system.

This makes the substance more bioavailable and effective. It also allows for slow, continuous release of the substance.

With CBD, this means that instead of having relief from your symptoms for a couple of hours, you can maximize the effects for up to a couple of days (depending on the patch and dosage).

Since you’re getting the dosage broken up over a longer period of time, you’re less likely to experience the few negative side effects associated with consuming CBD.

The benefits don’t end there.

CBD patches already have a set dosage, making it easier to get what you need. They are typically water-resistant, non-invasive, and discreet.

Who Might Be Interested in Using CBD Patches for Pain

Up to 40% of people in the United States suffer from chronic pain.

Additionally, everyone experiences varying degrees of pain from things such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Inflammation
  • Injuries
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Overusing muscles
  • Sciatica
So, anybody who experiences pain (i.e. everybody) may be interested in looking towards CBD patches for relief.

Since CBD patches deliver the substance to your bloodstream, it can also help with the wide range of health issues that people commonly use CBD to relief.

This may include things like:

  • Anxiety
  • Cancer treatment side effects
  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Sleep problems
  • Skin problems

How To Use CBD Patches

Before trying CBD, speak with your doctor to make sure it’s a safe option for you.

When you buy patches, there should be instructions included.

In general, they will be something like this:

  • Clean the area of skin with rubbing alcohol
  • Apply the patch to veinous areas that have a low amount of fat and muscle

Yes — there are only two steps. It’s pretty simple, making this a desirable option for taking your CBD. You don’t have to measure out any oil or smoke anything.

You simply purchase patches with the correct amount of CBD for your needs and apply one.

Potential Problems With CBD Patches

The main drawback of patches is that they can become expensive for everyday use.

To solve this issue, many people only use them on days where they have high amounts of pain or are going to be engaging in more physical activity than normal.

Aside from that, you should be aware that CBD may have interactions with certain medications.

CBD Drug Interactions

CBD inhibits two of the main metabolites in our bodies that are responsible for processing many medications.

As a result, CBD can change the potency of other medications, including SSRIs, antihistamines, and any medication that warns against consuming grapefruit.

This is one of the reasons why it’s essential to talk to your doctor before trying CBD.

Additionally, it’s important that you buy from a reliable source to stay safe.

Buying From a Good Source

When purchasing CBD, you want to make sure the company you’re buying from is transparent and credible.

This means that they use third-party lab testing. These tests show the amounts of CBD and other molecules present in the final product.

Look for companies that do this, as it will mean that you can trust what the label says and can avoid harmful substances like pesticides.

Buying pure and quality CBD will increase the probability that it will help your health issues, too.

It Can Be That Easy

Using CBD patches for pain is as easy as learning about it, talking with your doctor, and applying pure and high-quality products to your skin.

If you decide to try it for yourself, make sure to start with lower doses and give it some time to work before making any decisions or increasing your dosage.

Keep reading our blog for more cannabis-related news and education.

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