PATIENTS must produce an official medical certificate that specifies their symptoms when seeking an amnesty for the possession of marijuana.

THOSE WHO use or possess cannabis have until May 19 to seek amnesty offered under just-introduced subordinate laws.

The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) has advised the government to proceed with extreme caution on its cannabis policy, warning that Thailand must abide by international drug control treaties and guard against a damaging policy misstep.

BANGKOK - If all goes as planned, Thai citizens suffering from cancer and a handful of other diseases and disorders could start taking the country's first legal doses of medical cannabis within days.

Thailand-based, Rangsit University’s Agricultural Innovation Facility has recently announced a new undergraduate program called, “Ganja Studies Department,” reports Cannabis Now.

FDA firm on regulated cultivation; Bhumjaithai Party vows to make it an economic plant

THE AUTHORITIES are taking concrete steps towards granting amnesty to those who use or have cannabis in their possession if they report to the authorities within a given time frame.

BANGKOK (REUTERS) - Thailand's public health minister and his top bureaucrats danced along to pop tunes ahead of a news conference called to present the first batch of cannabis oil produced by a state-owned pharmaceutical company on Wednesday.